Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Indian Wednesday #8: Easter Egg Plant

Eggplant and tomatoes with cilantro
Sesame fried beef steak

Eggplant, with it's mouth-puckering cheesiness is my favorite vegetable and I am always looking for ways to eat more of it. So I was delighted to find that there were at least three eggplant recipes in Modern Spice. This week I tried eggplant with tomatoes and cilantro, which Monica Bhide describes as her 'favorite comfort food'. It involves slowly cooking eggplant with tomatoes, potatoes, and a variety of spices which evolve into a dreamy piquancy. I was worried that with the very long cooking time suggested, the vegetables would just mush, but the potatoes were cooked from raw and so were nice and firm.
I paired this dish with a fresh steak lightly pan fried in sesame oil and pepper which was an excellent combination.
Well, I hope you enjoy your Indian Wednesday this week.

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